Morrissey's first post-Smiths solo singles compilation, assembled in 1998. Music composed by former Smiths producer Stephen Street. A solid, radio friendly song. Also appears on Morrissey's first solo album Viva Hate and the compilations Bona Drag and (unsuprisingly) Suedehead.

Released as HMV catalog number POP 1618 in 7", 12", and CD formats. The 7" includes the b-side I Know Very Well How I Got My Name, and the 12" and CD add the amusingly named Hairdresser on Fire.

The recording features Stephen Street on bass and guitar, Andrew Paresi on drums, and Durutti Column guitarist Vini Reilly on guitars and keyboards. An outtake of "I Know Very Well...", titled I Know Very Well How I Got My Note Wrong, was included as a bonus 7" in a subsequent Durutti Column LP.

Also worth noting is that Morrissey insisted for some time after the release of the single that the words at the end were "It was a bootleg" (most notably in an interview in Sounds), though he has since admitted that they are indeed "good lay".


Also a singles collection with the following tracks:

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