While at the Bedford Hills Diner with some friends late one night, we discovered that we could learn a little bit of history just by drinking coffee. While adding the sugar to our coffee, I noticed that the back of the Domino sugar packet had information regarding historical ships. Here's an example:

The Great Republic
Designed and built by Donald Mackay and launched in 1853. The largest of all 4 masted clipper ships and the largest wooden ship ever built, she was 325 feet long and boasted a beam 53 feet wide. Burned to the water line in a tragic fire before her maiden voyage, old sailors still speculate on how fast she would have been.

Now, the question arises: Why are there these little factoids on sugar packets in a diner in a little town in NY State, where people hang out because there's nothing else to do at 3 in the morning?

I don't know.

Here we are, Gail and I
eating bacon filled omelettes at 4 am

We are
filling ourselves with carbs in an effort to
minimize the inevitable hangover

Last week
we read some of the diner's sugar packets and learned a lot about

For example:
The Lusitania sank after being struck by torpedos from
a German U2 boat.

This week, amazingly, it sank again.

Apparently history does repeat itself.

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