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"Selbstmord oder Staatsmord?"

This was a clever slogan uttered by young German students in 1977 after members of the Baader-Meinhof group (or the Red Army Faction (RAF), as they called themselves) died of gunshot wounds while in prison. As the most wanted criminals in the Federal Republic of Germany, Baader-Meinhof had committed dozens of serious offenses from bank robbery to kidnapping to murder. By and large, the first incarnation of the RAF was a prime target of German and U.S. anti-communists. This Palestinian-trained band of guerrillas gained a bit of popularity among the far left, and the CIA certainly wanted to crush pro-communist sentiment this close to the Border. These undeniable facts led young anti-establishment Germans to question whether the brave Red soldiers had really shot themselves with smuggled handguns in the most secure prison block in West Germany--and what about the sand from the Mogadishu deserts in Andreas Baader's shoes?

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