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A movie starring Dennis Leary and Christopher Walken. The name Suicide Kings comes from the king in a deck of playing cards whose sword is positioned to stab the king in the head.

It's also a really good DVD. It's probably the best DVD special edition you'll ever find at Best Buy for ten bucks.

It's got a commentary track by the director Peter O'Fallon and the writer/producer Wayne Rice that's very informative (It was shot in sequence?! Which lines did Christopher Walken ad lib? Why Denis Leary? Where can I get that song? How'd they film New York in downtown L.A.?) and interesting.

It's got two alternate endings, also (only) with commentary by O'Fallon, that show you just how much a couple lines can change and just how much influence test audiences have.

Other special features include one scene with a behind-the-scenes angle option and an audio-mixing scene with six audio tracks. There's also the requisite cast and crew notes, the (anamorphic) trailers that portray the 1997 film as rather a comedy.

It's a damn good movie. And it's a damn good dvd. But why? Nobody really ever cared about this movie, except Jay Mohr or Chris Walken fans, or the kind of guys who need every movie that the guy who played Elliot in E.T. is in...

Truth is, Suicide Kings is the first Artisan Entertainment movie. Prior to S.K. Artisan was called Live Entertainment and owned by someone else. But the Artisan folks came, bought the film, had the ending changed (from #2 on the disc) and the rest is history.

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