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Song by Dire Straits which first appeared in the premier Self-Titled Album Dire Straits, in 1978.
Also appeared on Alchemy.
Also appeared on Money For Nothing.

"They don't give a damn about any trumpet playing band
It aint what they call Rock and Roll...

'We are the Sultans of Swing'..."

It is very impressive to compare the guitar playing of Mark Knopfler on this song in the Alchemy vs. the Dire Straits recording.

In Dire Straits it sounds good, regular, well organized but basically square. The man is on the ball, he plays well (not for nothing this record sold a gazillion copies).

In Alchemy, years later, one is clearly in the presence of a guitar god. The piece starts off with some bizarre sounds, and only gets better from there. Mark makes the guitar do strange and beautiful things.
So, yes, some things do improve with age.

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