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Both a song and an album. The song is Garnet Rogers', and the album has two artists listed - Garnet Rogers and Doug Long.

The album (Snow Goose, 1994) is hard to find. It's a "live" recording, rather than done in a studio. Doug Long, fiddler, accompanies Garnet Rogers, vocalist and guitarist. It is, all in all, a great album; Doug Long IS the Fiddler from Hell, and Garnet Rogers wrote and performed all the music.

The song is a love song. Minimal accompaniment, all guitar, but the combination of poignant lyrics and Rogers' rich, deep voice need no ornamentation. A fine piece of music, and worth having if you can locate a copy on of the album.

Summer Lightning - Track List:

1. Give the Fiddler a Dram
2. The Beauty Game
3. This Shirt
4. What's Wrong With This Picture
5. Frankie & Johnny
6. Let Me Count the Ways
7. Sleeping Buffalo
8. Sammy's Bar
9. A Row of Small Trees
10. The Outside Track
11. The King of Rome
12. O'Neil's Dream

Lyrics removed from this writeup due to copyright limitations, but here is the chorus, and the rest are quite as beautiful:

"We are brief summer lightning,
we are swift as swallow's flight
We are sparks that spiral upward
in the darkness, in the night;
We are frost upon a window,
we won't pass this way again:
In the end, dear, only Love remains."

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