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Oh, oh, oh
Oh-oh-oh, oh, oh
I really had the blues today
I needed something sweet to take the edge away
How long, how long til they make me one?
How long, how long?

Well, tonight, they will have to make me one
Found a diner down on Walnut Street
Went there quick as I could scramble on my feet
But there were no more seats at all
I had to wait so long, my back up against the wall

Sundae, bloody sundae
Sundae, bloody sundae

And the evening's just begun
There's hardly room for me, a party of just one
I've got ice cream in my heart
And thinking of the chocolate tears it all apart
Sundae, bloody sundae
Sundae, bloody sundae

How long, how long til they make me one?
How long, how long?
Tonight, they will make me one
Tonight, tonight
Tonight, tonight

Get them out of my way
Get these jerks away
I want a place to eat my sundae, my
Sundae, bloody sundae

And it's true they had no room
But I was listing and I needed raspberry
So I said "Is it all right
For me to order this and eat it on the fly?"
Sundae, bloody sundae
Sundae, bloody sundae

And I handed them a one
To claim confections my persistence won
A sundae, bloody sundae
Sundae, bloody sundae

While performing this song in Denver, Colorado in 1987, shortly after a profoundly congested diner in New York City left 25 people without dessert, Bono delivered the following monologue while the rest of U2 played in the background:
And let me tell you something! I've had it up to here with skinny bastards who haven't eaten a Texas Tommy in twenty or thirty years, coming up to me, and telling me about the restaurant, the restaurant back home! And about the glory of the restaurant, and the glory of eating at the restaurant! Fuck the restaurant! They don't talk about the glory of keeping the hungry out of the restaurant! Where's the glory in sitting on your ass in front of a woman and her children? Where's the glory in that? Where's the glory in holding up a table wanted by a bunch of old-age pensioners, their dentures taken out and polished for the day? Where's the glory in that? To leave them starving for food, or dying, or dead, all over a restaurant that the majority of the people don't want to linger around in?

A note to readers: This was a nodeshell when I stumbled across it, and the title of the nodeshell gave me the idea for the resulting lyrics, largely on the spur of the moment.

Bloody Sunday was a terrible tragedy. We certainly can't forget it, and I do not intend to mock the tragedy, its victims, and the millions who remember even today. (That includes U2, even though I have no problem mocking them on other issues).

If only the problems of the world were as simple as not being able to get ice cream at the end of the day...


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