Series of sketches by Stuart Lee and Richard Herring featuring Jesus and his disciples, while while being very funny often raise intelligent observations about Christianity.

For example, St. Peter presses Jesus for a more explicit explanation of the parable of the lilies: "Consider the lily, it reaps not neither does it toil" -- because he has a family to feed, and is unable to photosynthesise as the lily can.

At the Last Supper, St. Peter asks whether Jesus means that the wine actually turns into his blood, and the bread into his flesh, or whether he means it as a metaphor, because "I can see it causing a lot of conflict in the future, and it would be nice to get it nice and clear now".

Jesus refuses to be pushed on the matter.

When asked by an indignant churchgoer whether he would be prepared to make jokes about the Quoran in the same way, Stuart Lee explained that he would not, but not because he was in some way scared of a Muslim jihad, but rather that having been raised as a regular Church of England attendee, he had a good knowledge of the Bible, and was therefore well qualified to comment on it.

I'm still surprised they were allowed to broadcast it on Sunday lunchtimes, alongside gags about Bestiality ("I'm not prejudiced, I love all rats: white rats, grey rats, brown rats.... of course they're all brown rats by the time I'm finished with them")

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