Super 3: The exciting game within a game, (c) 1978 by Milton Bradley Ltd., for two players ages 7-adult.

Super 3 is Tic Tac Toe with substantial twist. Tic Tac Toe is dumb, this game not quite so much. Super 3 has a square playing field that consists of nine squares, numbered 3-11. Each square has nine holes, similarly numbered 3-11. The game is played by a red player against a yellow player. Each of whom are trying to fill holes such that three of the squares in a row (orthogonally or diagonally) are completely filled with their color, or to be the first to completely fill any five squares.

Each turn consists of the player rolling two six-sided dice and figuring the total. The player can then place a peg of his color into any hole in the square with that number (excepting the center hole) or into any hole of that number in any square. Rolling a two, seven, or twelve has special rules. On a two, the player may remove any of his opponenet's pegs from the board and reroll. On a seven, you can place a peg in any center hole on the board or in any hole of the center square -- very much like a normal turn. On a twelve, the player may place a peg in any hole anywhere. If you roll a number that does not permit placement of a peg, reroll up to a maximum of three times until some legal play becomes available.

A square is captured whenever a player gets three of her pegs in a row inside that square or when she gets any five holes of that square filled with her pegs. At this point, all of the opponent's pegs are removed and the square is completely filled with the new controller's pegs.

It's not all that, but it's OK.

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