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A villain published by Marvel Comics. Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, the Super-Adaptoid first appeared in Tales of Suspense #83.

A creation of the scientists of the HYDRA offshoot, AIM, the Super-Adaptoid was an android with the ability to mimic the powers, abilities, and weaponry, of any person or hero. This ability was due to a piece of the Cosmic Cube that was put into the android.

The Super-Adaptiod originally attempted to replace America's premiere hero Captain America but was defeated by him. Later the Super-Adaptoid absorbed the powers of Hawkeye, Giant-Man and the Wasp, to aid in defeating Captain America, but was still defeated.

Later, the Super-Adaptoid joined forces with the villain/hero Mimic, but after being exposed to a massive dose of electricity, both of them seemed to lose their power-absorption abilities, though both of them regained them over time.

The next encounter with the Super-Adaptoid found him attacking the Avengers and their friend Captain Mar-Vell. During the battle, the Super-Adaptoid absorbed Mar-Vell's cosmic awareness as well as recreated his nega bands. At this point in Mar-Vell's career, he shared his Earthly existence with Rick Jones, with one being on Earth and the other exiled to the Negative Zone. By tricking the Adaptoid to replicate his nega bands, Mar-Vell was able to have the Adaptoid switch places with Rick Jones, thereby banishing the Super-Adaptoid to the Negative Zone.

Eventually, the Super-Adaptoid was discovered by the alien menace of Annihilus and used in an attempt to defeat the Fantastic Four member the Thing. Instead, Ben Grimm was able to defeat and deactivate the Super- Adaptoid who was then placed in a holding device in the Avenger's mansion.

When the Masters of Evil, a group of villains, attacked and took over the Avenger's mansion, the villain the Fixer discovered and reactivated the Super-Adaptoid, Taking the appearance of the Fixer and sealing him in the containment device, the Super-Adaptoid began to collect a group of mechanical villains to lead, calling them Heavy Metal. The group included Tess-One (a adamantium covered robot) and the Sentry (a Kree weapon). The group was also aided by Machine Man, though he later saw the error of his ways and aided the Avengers who pitted themselves against the mechanical villains.

After a while, the Super-Adaptoid used its sliver of the Cosmic Cube to summon Kubik, the advanced version of the Cosmic Cube. Absorbing Kubik's reality changing powers, the Super-Adaptoid began to create duplicates of itself and attempted to replace all the inhabitants of Earth with adaptoids.

While confronting Captain America in his guise as the Captain, the Super-Adaptoid fought his old nemesis to a stand still. Captain America finally defeated him when he made the Super-Adaptoid realize that it could not create only mimic. The realization shut the android down and Kubik removed the piece of the Cosmic Cube that resided in the Super-Adaptoid ending that menace forever.

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