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Jake: You want me to tell Joe Danby that he's under arrest for murder? What're you gonna do after he kills me?
Jason McCullough: Then I'll arrest him for both murders.

Support Your Local Sheriff is a 1969 film that spoofs western films. It was directed by Burt Kennedy and the script was written by William Bowers. It was released in the USA with a runtime of 92 minutes, and a G rating.

A stranger appears in a small town that has suddenly caught Gold Fever. He claims to be simply "passing through on [his] way to Australia," but he takes on the position of sheriff after seeing a man be gunned down in cold blood in a crowd. He quickly learns the odd quirks of the town including the prison with no bars and the constant brawls in the street. He quickly finds the greatest problem of the town is the Danby family, and attempts to come up with a plan to put them down.

This is a movie often forgotten, even by fans of James Garner. Most people will remember him from the western television series Maverick. The greatest fun from this movie comes from the fact that it works in the verisimilitude of western films, it just stretches it to the limits. It just goes to show all the absurdity contained within the western film, and most should enjoy it greatly. Though some might compare it to the Mel Brooks classic Blazing Saddles, Support Your Local Sheriff does not lose its focus like Blazing Saddles does.

Support Your Local Sheriff was also followed by the lesser known Support Your Local Gunfighter, which stars most of the same cast in new roles and the same director. Fans of the Maverick movie, My Name is Trinity, and the French comic Lucky Luke should enjoy this film.

Main Cast:
James Garner - Sheriff Jason McCullough
Joan Hackett - Prudy Perkins
Walter Brennan - Pa Danby
Harry Morgan - Mayor Olly Perkins/Hardware Store Owner
Jack Elam - Deputy Jake
Henry Jones - Henry Jackson, Councilman
Bruce Dern - Joe Danby
Willis Bouchey - Thomas Devery, Councilman
Gene Evans - Tom Danby
Walter Burke - Fred Johnson, Councilman
Dick Peabody - Luke Danby
Chubby Johnson - Brady
Kathleen Freeman - Mrs. Danvers
Dick Haynes - Mint Saloon Barkeeper


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