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In spring, cherry blossoms fell
As we picked our noses
In the FBI's bathroom.
Now the mountain abides
Beneath deep snow
And we can never run for public office.

Surveillance Camera Use

According the recent research, the UK has the highest level of surveillance camera use per capita in the entire world. If you're a conspiracist then this can seem extremely worrying. Especially if you're prone to doing illegal stuff.

But can we use big brother to our advantage?

Possibly thanks to a wonderful piece of law regarding such recordings. Apparently, if the police, or anyone else, films you for whatever reason you can demand a copy of the video for the nominal fee of £10. Mark Thomas uses this to annoy the police on the regular basis.

What could we use this for?

  • Making extremely low budget films. Stand outside your local surveillance camera and make your own version of your favourite Hollywood film. Dubbing may be required.
  • Bankrupting companies. Stand in view of their cameras for an extended period of time. Hopefully you'll be there so long it won't fit all on one videotape. Demand all the videotapes for the low, low price of £10!
  • Getting spare videotapes sent direct to your house. OK, quite an expensive way of getting blank videotapes but at least you'll get them sent directly to your house.
OK, there aren't that many things you can do but it must be an easy way to annoy companies/authorities who insist on tracking your every move.

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