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Voted off the island this week: DMan.

Still left on the island:
Saige, knifegirl, icicle, jessicapierce, ideath, Deborah909, juliet, moJoe, dem bones, dannye, Pseudo-Intellectual, theFez, nate, and Uberfetus.

Anonymous Pull Quote from remaining survivor:

"Well, we tried to get along. I made up my mind that I’d play nice if he would. I was willing to put aside all the bickering from the past and start anew. I knew he didn't really mean it when he put that sign that said cunt up, on my favorite tree, for everyone to see. And I obviously do not have five asses, so that song he'd sing every day didn't bother me too much.

"It was as if when we landed on the island, nothing in the past could be forgotten or forgiven. He was always stomping around, saying it wasn't fair that he didn’t get the hair care products that the girls did, and stuff like that. I mean, I don't want the stupid money or anything. I'd just like for us all to find a way to get along.

"We girls were pretty pissed off by now about moJoe and dem bones trying to look up our skirts when we'd bend over to pull seaweed for dinner, but that was pale in comparison to what Dman did. And he did it the first time he got good and hungry, too. He didn’t even wait 'til he was starving or anything.

"There was this cute little kitty that came out of nowhere one day. We all loved that little kitty. We named him Sagebrush 'cause he was all yellow and fluffy. We’d feed the fish we caught to him. (I was afraid the little fishies might be kin to a dolphin or something.)

"But one night we heard something in the bushes, and ran over to see. There was DMan beating Sagebrush over the head with a keyboard. We just watched in abject horror as he stuck a stick up Sagebrush's cute little booty and started roasting him over a fire. He smiled that evil grin and yelled something about, 'The other white meat, baby!'

"I think some of the guys would have killed him if he’d stayed any longer."

Last Week. Next Week.

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