The Suzuki Hayabusa, (also known as the GSX1300R) is the fastest production motorcycle in the world.

It claims a 1300cc in-line four-cylinder four-stroke engine, which can produce 175bhp at the crank. (163bhp at the rear)

It has been clocked at 200.2mph.
Interestingly, the Kanji symbol on the GSX-1300R's fairing can be pronounced as either "hayabusa" or "hayato". The name refers to the Japanese Peregrine Falcon, known to hunt blackbirds amongst other things. This is obviously a reference to Honda's CBR1100XX motorcycle, also known as "The Blackbird" or "Dos Equis", (reference to the double "X" in its name).

Also (potentially) in the pipeline from Suzuki is the "B-King"; a naked, supercharged version of the Hayabusa. When you're cranking out 250+ bhp, who needs a fairing, right?!

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