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This is the ninth song on Tori Amos's album Scarlet's Walk. (previous - next)
 Before sundown
 the Mexicans leave
           San Antone
 the car will then
         Drop him at the Border
                 the breaking point

The story of Sweet Sangria takes place in Texas. The journey performed in this song is at the same time longer and shorter than the others. Our woman stays in one state, but she does go to the border of another country. It is the same on a personal level: While the other songs have dealt mostly with "mere love", this one touches the bigger - or smaller - philosphical questions. Yet in her other life journeys, she has been more deeply involved. In Sweet Sangria, Scarlet is more like arriving, assessing, and going "nah...".

You say that
  I can't
see behind The mask
of those who call themselves 
                        The Good Guys
in this 
    who take
take "so are
          you with
                 Me or not
  you say
         this time

In liberal Austin, Texas, Scarlet meets with a Latin American revolutionary - a Zapatista? - and follows him and his ideas for a while. Still, she finds after a while that she may agree with his goal, but not his means. The journey described on the map goes from Austin to the Mexican border and back through the American state, where she leaves her revolutionary at the border, in Laredo.

I know
 Your people
            have suffered
                         time and time again
         But what about
I ask you now
the innocents 
             on both 
Why is this song called Sweet Sangria? I don't know. Perhaps because it's slightly wonky, like someone intoxicated on tasty liquor. Sooner or later, you have to stop drinking.

       Balmy days
   sweet sangria
she's been gone
   have you seen her
    shyly turning
                 leaving me

                         Yeah you think about that

Lines have been restructured and excluded to fit copyright issues - I'm not quoting the entire song, but small parts from it that give the gist.

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