John Steinbeck´s sequel to Cannery Row, takes place after the end of World War 2.

The cast of characters remains mostly the same with, Mack, Hazel and Whitey No.1, being joined in the Palace Flophouse by Whitey no.2. Doc is lonesome having returned from the war to find he doesn´t quite grok the Monterey tides as much.

Lee Chong has sold the general store to a Mexican man named Joseph and Mary Rivas. wide Ida still runs the local bar and a new woman named Fauna has taken over the operation of the row´s brothel , the Bear Flag.

Steinbeck plays and has fun with these characters he clearly loves. It´s amazing to note the changes that have taken place in America from the time Steinbeck was writing and alive. I wonder if he would appreciate the new Bushified modern American countryside..., you can perhaps read between the lines his awareness of the beginnings of the Beat movement and the dawning of the psychedelic era through some of the local lunatics featured in the book including Old Jingleballlicks and a Taoist hermit living in Big Sur.

Steinbeck is an American master, have some fun, read this and Cannery Row!

Published originally in 1954

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