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Waiting for you

Summer nights are warm and heavy, they are filled with an activity, a busyness not normally found at night. Night is filled with a sweetness, of dew, of cool damp air, finally a break from the heat of the day.

I walk along the deserted sidewalk near my house, I hear the music from the neighbor kids party; I hope that they go to bed soon so that I can hear the beloved sounds of night. The wind through the trees whispers your name, and I am electrified at the very sound. It is a cloudless starry night, and I am looking up while I walk along, the very stars are pulling at me, wanting to bring me up and away…. closer to you. The moon in all of her glory is shining off everything. The sidewalks look illuminated with the brightness she reflects. My skin is a soft pearl color, and it shines for you; waiting for you.

To say that I am lonely would not be a true statement, in fact, I haven't ever truly been alone all of my life. Instead, I am waiting, forever waiting which I think is sometimes harder than being alone.

Finally the boy's music stops, and the night can finally begin. The crickets break the silence first with their sweet chirping. Then the wind picks up where it left off, and makes the grass, the trees, the neighbors wind chimes, anything that is loose sing in a chorus to me, about you. The street lamps glow and pulsate to the new rhythm, the music that is repeated every night. Suddenly everything seems so alive in the dead of the night. I dance a few steps on the sidewalk, alone, and decide to go back in, and go to sleep before the night drives me mad.

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