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This is a love poem
You wish I wrote for you.
Oh how you do.

You said I had the heart of a poet
But I want the salary of a well-read novelist.
You said you don't care sent me spinning
This Saturday day

This day you make me be
Writing poems
Thinking heart.

I think of you dancing
To songs sung by other girls
With hair you're used to
Getting in your mouth
Getting in your eyes.

I remember you skiing
To songs in your head
Your mother sang when she
Danced to songs in her head
Her mother sang.

Your father when you tried
Your first steps
Held his breath waiting for you
To fall waiting for the world
Coming round under your toes
Coming round too slow.

We are swimming in ice
We're crossing glaciers calving
China cabinet crashing
We're swimming kissing
Breath holding under
Tightrope walking
Penguin laughing
Continent crossing
Gaucho cornfield laying
Bag sleeping
Bed tickling
Sky watching
Breath stealing
Prayer hoping
World building
Fall waiting

Still holding.

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