Swingline, a type of stapler. But is that all I can dig up? Heck no!

The Company: Swingline is not the name of the company itself, but is simply the division of Acco Brands, Inc. that generates staplers. Acco Brands, Inc. is located at 300 Tower Parkway, Lincolnshire, Illinois, 60069. Acco is, in turn, a sub-company of Fortune Brands.

Manufacture: Acco Brands, Inc. produces most of its products, including the Swingline staplers, in Mexico.

Stapler Facts: Swingline developed the first pop-the-top style of stapler, allowing staples to drop into the slot - before swingline, Staples were re-loaded by pushing them in through the rear of the stapler. Swingline has been making staplers for over 60 years and started out in Chicago.

The Film: There is yet to be a film made about Swingline staplers, but the movie Office Space does prominently feature one.

Performance: I've used many-a-stapler in my office days, and Swingline staplers are the best I've used. They don't jam, they're sturdy and stable, they they come in stylish colors, and they conform to my hand. The only staplers I haven't tried yet are those produced by 3M.

Much information gleaned from www.swingline.com, and the bottom of my stapler.

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