An industrial-strength vibrating saddle designed to induce female orgasm. An interchangeable silicone dildo (or other attachment) is mounted on a shaft and driven by two individually controllable electric motors: one that vibrates (1/17HP, 6500RPM max), and one that gyrates (1/29HP, 150RPM max). The motors are housed inside the saddle, which is about ten inches high and has the shape of a capital D turned 90 degrees counter-clockwise. By resting directly on the floor, the Sybian is not only completely stable, but it also leaves little distance for the woman riding it to fall when she inevitably loses consciousness. All this could be yours for only US$1400.

The Sybian was invented by an American named Dave Lampert, a dance instructor who, after noticing a high level of sexual frustration in many of his female students, was motivated to investigate a mechanical solution. By 1985, Lampert had accomplished a significant amount of research and had located a machine shop that would manufacture custom-designed parts no questions asked.

An early prototype of the Sybian (referred to then as MB for Master Better) weighed over fifty pounds and was housed inside a two foot long saddle. The current model weighs only 22 pounds and measures approximately 12in x 13in x 10in, perfect for stashing under the bed when not in use.

A clearly-defined genre of Sybian porn exists, both on the web and on video. Seymore Butts has featured a Sybian in several of his releases, and other video series feature Sybian scenes exclusively. On the web, offers an ever-growing collection of slickly-produced Sybian footage featuring a rotating cast of models. Howard Stern has frequently featured a Sybian on his radio and television shows, capturing lurid encounters between the Sybian and various guests (adult film stars, models, various celebrities, and the occasional elderly woman).

While the device is clearly capable of delivering mind-blowing orgasms, its inventor insists that the Sybian has valid therapeutic benefits beyond mere gratification. For many women, the Sybian has become the pathway to their very first orgasm, as well as teaching other women to become multi-orgasmic. Once a woman explores her potential for sexual pleasure with the Sybian, she is often able to experience more intense orgasms even when the Sybian is not used.

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