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It used to be bad manners to "air your dirty laundry" in public; now it's a billion-dollar national affair. Just one more little proof that money can and will just run right over any sort of morality, manners, or class that get put in its way.

Let's see...first, there's Divorce Court, one of the great travesties of our time. Billboards for this cheap gossip are splashed all over my city, and quite a few others, I'm sure. Nice warmfuzzy slogans like "When 'I do' becomes 'I don't'!" and "Weren't invited to the wedding? Don't miss the divorce!" inundate us and our kids all day long (but we have a problem with South Park). The show itself is ninety percent fat, ugly, stupid and worthless people bitching at their fat, ugly, stupid and worthless counterparts about how they're fat, ugly, stupid and worthless. Oh, and somebody--probably coerced by the producer or something--almost always starts yelling about how their partner specifically sucks in bed. Even IF the show was at all interesting or worth a shit in the first place, the visual of fat, ugly, stupid, worthless people boinking would make me change the channel anyway.

And then, of course, let's not forget Who Wants To Marry A Multi-Millionaire, which is either dead or dying as I write this, thank the gods. On THAT show, we got to see women even Bill Clinton wouldn't touch trying to prove that they were "good enough" to attract the favors of men who--in spite of being bloody filthy rich--STILL had to go on a game show to get hitched. Ooh, hold me back. Granted, this one show had the bonus of being incredibly degrading, not to any group in particular, but to the whole human race at once. That takes work.

Now, what type of public flogging would it take for a) the pathetic people to quit whining on national tv, and for b) national tv to quit depressing everyone by constantly focusing on pathetic people?

Anyone? Hello?

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