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Some quotes, from the November 1994 issue of Sojourners, a socially-aware Christian mag of some note. It is mere coincidence that his quotes resemble certain Everything nodes - great minds think alike. I had saved part of the interview to use in my collection of quotes and sigs, but I haven't used a sig in over a year - I just type a little bird-like thing manually these days, if I can remember to do so. Soy minimalista actualmente.

In the spirit of recycling your toxic waste, I will make nodes out of this stuff, since there's now a T-Bone Burnett node. It beats actually writing something myself. Copy, paste, copy, paste... pretty soon, you've got another 17,000 nodes - all in ten minutes. The proverbial piece-o-cake, and much wittier than that Webster 1913 guy. Next: I will node some old Tcl scripts from 1996 and an unfinished QBasic FOR loop from 1994.

  1. T-Bone Burnett on the Religious Right
  2. T-Bone Burnett on Corporate Media
  3. T-Bone Burnett on Rock'n'Roll
Perhaps there will be more.

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