The global brand being used by Deutsche Telekom for their mobile phone service, which is replacing Voicestream Wireless as of September 2002 in the United States. (Deutsche Telekom purchased Voicestream in 2001.)

Although the Voicestream jingle and stores will not be going away, T-Mobile uses a typeface and color scheme that is more consistent with Deutsche Telekom's corporate identity standards. The company has also dismissed former spokeswoman Jamie Lee Curtis and started a TV ad campaign featuring Catherine Zeta-Jones. (Cathy also introduced herself to me in a recording when I checked my voice mail after the changeover.)

T-Mobile retains the same rate plans and GSM service as the old Voicestream, and also offers plans that permit phones to be used in other countries that have GSM networks. Not a bad idea for people who frequently travel between the United States and Europe. They have also joined many providers in offering color-display phones like the Sony Ericsson T68i that were previously unavailable in the U.S., not to mention devices that run Windows CE Phone Edition.

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