T3 is a glossy magazine, published in the UK by Future Publishing.

Tomorrow’s Technology Today” claims the motto beneath it’s bright red logo. T3 is the UK’s top selling technology and gadget magazine, leaving it’s main rival “Stuff for Men” far behind in sales figures.

T3's content includes most of the consumer technology industry – it’s material often includes Hifi, Automotive, TV, Computing, Games and Telecommunications.

Although the subject matter is broad the quality of journalism is poor. T3 needs to keep on the good side of the consumer technology companies in order to keep receiving trial products. I get the impression that many of their articles are merely press releases that have been paraphrased.

T3 is aimed at a predominantly male, 20-40 demographic. It’s cover usually features nearly naked models holding a featured gadget. This is a good indication of the kind of audience T3 attracts.

As a professional technologist I object to this. I believe that technology is interesting enough in itself and does not need to be spiced up with dumb looking models holding the latest MP3 player or games console. This kind of journalism encourages people think that tech is dull.

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