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TG (The Gathering) is the world's largest LAN party. It is arranged in Hamar, Norway every easter, and lasts for 5 days and nights.

At TG, you'll find more than 5000 participants, who stay there for the entire party. That means it is not comparable to the Expos, as people do come and go from those. TG is also featuring the world's largest temporary LAN.

The competitions range from the usual scene compos (demo, anim, graphics, music and html), via game compos (Quake 3, Half-Life Counterstrike, StarCraft) to wild compos (floppy disk throwing, hard disk throwing, zagging and so on).

Visit gathering.org for more details.

LAN and sleep:

The Greatest LAN party in the world offers the visitors many things. Of course there is the annual reservation of seats weeks ahead before the acutal event, where thousands of LAN-enthusiasts gather with their favorite computers and extras. All is set up for a nice 5-day event.

Essence of crime
However, since there are so many crackers, hackers, porn-freaks, etc in one place, the crime-level will be fearful to gaming companies. The police are taking rounds through the hallways of the Vikingskip. They go civilian as well, and tries their best to find the greatest perpetrators, even the small ones.

What is LAN without FUN?
LAN is about one thing: file-transfers. Actually more than that. There are compos to prove which caveman is better than the other. Why that word? Lately charts of evolution shows that man has gone from the hunchback monkey to the hunchback computer whiz. Both can be quite positive in a respective way. And of course, the ever-lasting rounds of Planetarion which lasts the entire five days.

If this sounds interesting, you should think of taking a visit next easter.

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