Heart          Liver   Spleen   Lungs   Kidneys
           -----          -----   ------   -----   -------
Element   : Fire           Wood    Earth    Metal   Water
Planet    : Mars           Jupiter Saturn   Venus   Mercury
Colour    : Red            Green   Yellow   White   Black
Taste     : Bitter         Sour    Sweet    Pungent Salt
Climate   : Hot            Windy   Moist    Dry     Cool
Direction : South          East    Centre   West    North
Odour     : Scorched       Rancid  Fragrant Goatish Putrid
Emotion   : Joy            Anger   Desire   Worry   Fear
Animal    : Horse          Chicken Cow      Dog     Pig
Number    : Seven          Eight   Five     Nine    Six
Fruit     : Apricot        Plum    Date     Pear    Chestnut
Sound     : Laugh          Shout   Sing     Weep    Groan
Grain     : Glutinous Rice Wheat   Millet   Rice    Pea

Each organ is supposed to communicate with some other organs
near the surface of the body.  Thus the heart communicates
with the tongue; the liver with the eyes; the spleen with
the mouth; the lungs with the nose; and the kidneys with 
the ear.

I cut this out once upon a time from some photocopied source (on traditional Chinese medicine), and have hung it on my wall in every room i've lived in since.

It makes me think sometimes that if we could line everything up with the right key or map, maybe relationships would come clear. And metaphors would form that would organically become parables.

Kaleidoscope of signifiers, constantly rearranging, like Kay with the snow queen's shards. There's a hidden hope that it will, through its beauty, form a picture we can live by.

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