At first glance, Tad Morose might go down in history as yet another unheard-of Scandinavian Power Metal band. This would be doing the group a great injustice though, their sound being distinctly more heavy and less pompous than their brothers in the 1980s or more current bands such as Manowar. Furthermore, not every line of their lyrics consist of the tale of a battle, king, sword or other medieval theme.


Tad Morose was founded in 1991 by Christer "Krunt" Andersson, Per-Ola "Rossi" Olsson and Dan-Erik "Danne" Eriksson, with the slightly late addition of Anders "Wispen" Westlund to the lineup. Wispen did not last long, however, and was replaced by Kristian "Krille" Andrén just in time for the band's first demo recording in 1993. It would take half a year, but eventually Tad Morose was signed to the label "Black Mark Production". One more addition in the form of keyboard player Fredrik "Frippe" Eriksson and the band's debut album "Leaving The Past Behind" was recorded. The November 1993 release was reviewed and designated "Record of the Month" by Germany's Rock Hard magazine.

"Very powerful, compact and melodic songs with a touch of progressive metal. An incredible mixture of Metallica and Dream Theater" - Frank Albrecht

After their first album's moderate success, drummer Danne quit the band in 1994 due to personal problems and musical differences. Luckily, Peter Morén (from "Bedtime Circus") was able to fill in in time for "Sender of Thoughts". Once again, shortly after recording the album, bassist Rossi was replaced by Anders "Modden" Modd (also of "Bedtime Circus"), now leaving Tad Morose with guitarist Christer as the only remaining founder of the band. After this, Tad Morose began touring in Germany for the "Black Mark" festivals, playing with Cemetary, Morgana LeFay and Memento Mori. Following that, they produced the mini-LP "Paradigma" in 1995. Another band member, Kristian, split after the release, joined Memento Mori, and left Tad Morose without a singer. After a few months of limbo, a man who goes by the moniker "Urban Breed" joined the band as the new front man.

According to the band, this leads to a fresh wind in melody and songwriting and a new release in 1997, "A Mended Rhyme". For the last time (at least up until now), a member is replaced. Fredrik leaves and Daniel Olsson joins the band in late 1998. At this point, the band reaches an agreement with their label Black Mark and a year and a half later switch to Century Media, one of the larger Metal labels in Europe. "Undead" is recorded mid-2000. Interestingly, at this point 3 out of the original 4 members of Bedtime Circus are now in Tad Morose.


Tad Morose's sound has been compared to a mix of Metallica and Dream Theater. Though maybe not as creative as Iced Earth or as symphonic as Rhapsody, they're very energetic and have a solid Power Metal lead that never really shows any falsetto creaping into the singer's voice. Sometimes songs will get almost downright thrashy, hence the comparison with Metallica. Make no mistake though, this is pure Scandinavian Metal, not Slayer. My only problem with Tad Morose is that sometimes their sound becomes somewhat repetitive, but over the course of their albums they've show sufficient catchiness with songs such as the Power Metal anthem "Ethereal Soul". The accompanying album "Matters of the Dark" is simultaneously probably their best effort, with a nice heavy sound, forceful vocals and superbly catchy songs. I suggest you give them a try, even if Metal isn't your first choice. Tad Morose offers very melodic vocals that might be pleasing even to non-Metalheads.


1998 - Present

  • Christer "Krunt" Andersson - Guitars
  • Urban Breed - Vocal
  • Anders Modd - Bass
  • Peter Morén - Drums
  • Daniel Olsson - Guitars



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