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Takako Minekawa was born on June 3, 1969 in Japan and spent her childhood as a movie and tv star (like Kurata Sana in Kodomo no Omocha).

In college she formed the group Lolita with a friend. Before going solo she played in various groups such as Lolita, Fancy Face Groovy Name (with Kahimi Karie), and L<->R. Minekawa is married to Keigo Oyamada (AKA Cornelius) and they have a baby named Mairo.

Takako likes Kraftwerk, clouds, cats, the colour white, French movies and French pop music. Much of her music is bloopy, synth beauty.

Her albums:
Maxi On (2000)
Fun 9 (1999)
Recubed (1999)
Ximer (1998)
Cloudy Cloud Calculator (1997)
Athletica (1997)
Roomic Cube (1996)
(A Little Touch of) Baroque in Winter (1995)
Chat Chat (1995)

Note: Takako Minekawa is also the one who says "Playstation" at the end of every Playstation commercial. (Thanks ICO.)

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