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You can see it in front of you,
Right? Don't start talking now,
Intending not to do anything.

They've been waiting for this
Far longer than you'd dare think.
Damn us all if we stop here.

This ship, it must carry us all.
The idea of it is what's driving us,
Holding us in place as we travel.

When you look up like that,
I can see it in your face.
This night is yours too.

Inky and black, the sky stretches
Out into the distance,
Overwhelming, ominous, and beautiful.

We move clumsily, feverishly, rapidly,
And trembling, we press forward.
The passengers, excepting us, contemplate.

This journey, soon passed and past,
Isn't thought about much,
Only future things are cared for.

What will be done tomorrow,
What will become of their selves,
What will they all accomplish?

Pondering the future, the present
Fades back. Taking second stage,
Garnering the attention of no one.

Where are you now?
Concern yourself with this,
Ground yourself in reality.

What I do, what you do,
Here, as we travel from ship to shore,
Is as important as our actions after arrival.

The future is for dreams,
The past is for reminiscience,
And the present is for us.

Any stage in a person's life is the only stage,
In which they may excercise their will.
So dwell not upon unalterable matters.

Tomorrow, we go forward. Tonight, we rest.
For now though, we'll observe,
And consider the things at hand.

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