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From the works of Anne Rice, the world-wide secret society that investigates paranormal activity. The Talamasca has "motherhouses" (headquarters) in Amsterdam, London, and Rome. The group's motto is "We watch. And we are always there."

The Talamasca arose during the Dark Ages, in around 738 AD. In the 13th century, the Talamasca gained its financial base by seizing the assets of the Knights Templar when they were destroyed.

The Talamasca first appeared in The Queen of the Damned, with the young witch Jesse being recruited by a senior agent, Aaron Lightner. The former director, David Talbot, is a major character in later novels of The Vampire Chronicles. The Talamasca takes much more of a role in Anne Rice's witch books. The organization is shown to be fractious and not as objective as it claims to be. Some members actively involve themselves in the lives of the people they investigate, and other young members conspire against their seniors.

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