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Talespin was a show in the Disney Afternoon, alongside other marvels such as CDRR and Ducktales.

It was interesting in that it featured most of the characters from The Jungle Book, recycled into a setting. Shere Kahn (sp) became the owner of the largest corporation in the world, a role befitting the king of the jungle. Baloo became a bumbling, happy-go-lucky cargo pilot. If anything (and this is probably a stretch), the spirit of Mowgli lived on as Kit Cloudkicker, an orphan, in care of Baloo, and Rebecca Cunningham's daughter. Louie, the former ape king, became the manager of a popular bar on an island in the middle of an ocean. Curiously enough, he retained his loyal monkey subjects, in the form of his waitstaff.

There are, of course, a number of added characters. There's Kit Cloudkicker, former pirate, now "reformed", Baloo's sidekick. Wildcat, the bumbling mechanic, who, although he may not be the brightest bulb in the bunch, has a heart of gold and the ability to fix/build/operate just about anything. There's the entreupeneuristic Rebecca Cunningham, and her daughter, Molly Cunningham. Rebecca owns Higher For Hire, formerly Baloo's shipping company... This leads to some conflict between her and Baloo, although there is a bit of romance between them as well, harkening back to the days of screwball comedies and other such fun.

Overall, the series is excellent, although Disney has bastardized the show significantly in their ad campaigns.

Added 6/3/02:

The preferred art style for Toon Disney ads (these are the ads to which I was referring) is a kind of video collage of various video clips from different Disney shows... So you get, in thirty seconds, a short sample from just about every animated show ever. In some cases they layer the samples to such an extent that the entire screen is covered in animation.

This caters well to their target audience's attention span and interests. Lots of colors, lots of motion, lots of vaguely amusing - silly is a better descriptor - jokes. But they sometimes take clips and rework them to convey totally different messages than they were originally intended for - even to the extent of using poor quality dubs.

And that's why I call it bastardization, because they take some Talespin clips, and bastardize them into an ad for some lame show or marathon they're promoting.

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