A new anti-drug campaign by the UK government. It's a nice change from the "just say no" approach from my childhood. This campaign aims to give factual information about drugs to people so they know what they're dealing with.

The website is http://www.talktofrank.com. There's a section where you can send an email asking a question about drugs and you (should) receive an email back in 3 days. When I tried it, it took 10 days and it just said "I'm sorry this is not something we deal with" with a helpline phone number. I simply asked "How many people have died from smoking cannabis?"

The problem is, the site is trying to give information while enforcing that drugs are still illegal. Meaning poor Frank isn't allowed to give harm reducing advice. In the cannabis section he says that smoking while pregnant can harm the baby. Which is very true, smoking anything while pregnant is harmful to the baby, but he neglects to mention that you can bake your weed and eat it instead. Of course he wouldn't mention it, he's not allowed to promote use of illicit drugs. He also says that many people roll their joints with tobacco, making them addictive. But he doesn't advise you to roll without tobacco. Of course not, he's not allowed to promote the use of an illegal drug while discouraging the use of a legal one.

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