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I have seen many people strike up conversations with various inanimate objects. Many people think this behavior is indicative of insanity. Due to the subjective nature of sanity, I am reluctant to brand people with this title without first considering alternatives. With this thought in mind, I have developed a theory as to why people feel compelled converse with what appears to be lifeless junk.

The reason people can hold conversations with these lifeless objects is because there is, in fact, a conversation to hold. There are two minds present in these conversations, we see one because our undeveloped minds do not have the capacity to "hear" the other side of it. What's really happening here is that these people are in the process of evolving beyond verbal communication and are establishing direct links with the advanced life that is disguised as ordinary objects. Their telepathic powers haven't developed so much that they can link with the complexity of a human mind, but they are able to sense and interact with the simplistic design of the brains these super-intelligent objects possess.

These objects have evolved to such an extent that they have eliminated all the unused clutter of their minds and resigned to a simple life of daydreaming, observing life and enjoying the peaceful laze of an easy life. The reason we hear only one side of these conversations has become obvious to me. These objects lack the physical attributes needed to generate sounds used in human languages. It is very polite when speaking to use the most common language of the people around. This is why our telepathic human friends repeat their transmissions in a human tongue while the objects lack the capacity to do so. They must do this otherwise the objects they are talking to will not respond. Being such an advanced society of super-intelligent beings, these objects have learned what a great impact courtesy and respect have in the development of an enlightened community.

It makes me very sad to realize that I live in a society where people are considered half-wits and nutcases for being polite and courteous.

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