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World in which Bethesda Softworks' Elder Scrolls series takes place.

The Empire of Tamriel was founded by Tiber Septim in the year 896 of the Second Era (roughly 400 years before Arena, Daggerfall, and Morrowind take place). It is divided into nine major provinces, as follows:

The Imperial Province
Conveniently located right in the center of everything, the Imperial Province is the home of the Emperor and the seat of Tamriel's government.
Located in the northern extremes of Tamriel, the icy land of Skyrim is home to the Nords, a tall, fair-skinned, and generally Scandanavian-looking people. Thanks to their climate, they have a natural resistance to the cold.
High Rock
In the west, along the Iliac Bay, lies the province of High Rock, home of the Bretons (and also the location of the city-state of Daggerfall). Tall, but not quite as fair-skinned as the Nords, these guys are pretty much just your average Caucasian types. They tend to be quite skilled magic users.
To the south of High Rock, across the Iliac Bay, is the province of Hammerfell, where the Redguards live. Dark-skinned and essentially African in appearance, these guys make excellent warriors.
On the southwest edge of the main continent lies the land of Valenwood, home of the Wood Elves. They make excellent archers and thieves.
To the west of Valenwood lies the isle of Sumurset, home of the mystical High Elves. Couldn't have a fantasy game without 'em.
To the east of Valenwood lies Elsweyr, home of the cat-like Khajiiti people. Being good climbers, these guys are natural thieves.
Black Marsh
In the southeastern corner of the continent lies Black Marsh, home of the reptilian Argonian people. Naturally, these guys are very good swimmers, and well regarded as mages, warriors, and thieves.
To the north of Black Marsh is the volcanic province of Morrowind, land of the Dark Elves. These guys are rather xenophobic, and look down upon the other races of Tamriel (this is reportedly the reason that Khajiiti and Argonian characters will not be available in Elder Scrolls III), but they make fairly well-rounded adventurers.
More information on Tamriel and The Elder Scrolls is available at http://m0use.net/ (n.b. m0use seems to be down for good; try http://www.uesp.net/ instead), and on the newsgroups alt.games.elder-scrolls and alt.games.daggerfall.

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