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The Tang Dynasty was one of the most fruitful dynasties in Chinese history with regard to literature and verse. In 1763, a scholar named Sun Zhu, dissatisfied with the "new" style of Chinese poetry and lack of attention toward the Tang classics, compiled 310 selected poems from prominent poets in that era and published the Three Hundred Tang Poems, or Tang Shi San Bai Shou, which became an immediate best-seller in China. Still a classic today, this anthology is widely studied in middle school and high school to teach classic verse.

Over seventy poets are represented in the collection, including the famed Li Bai (Li Po), and it is divided into seven sections, after each style of that was popular in the Tang Dynasty.

  • Five-character-ancient-verse
  • Five-character-regular-verse
  • Five-character-quatrain
  • Seven-character-ancient-verse
  • Seven-character-regular-verse
  • Seven-character-quatrain
  • Folk-song-styled-verse
The poems vary in length, from short blurbs to long verses that span several lines. They are all very articulate, and depending on the region from which the poet came from, reciting the poem in the poet's regional dialect might make it sound even better. The best poems are often memorized by schoolchildren. I still remember some from grade school.

I particularly like Li Bai's drinking poems. They fit my line of thought.

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