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Tarzana was "created" when Edgar Rice Burroughs bought 540 acres for a country house in the San Fernando Valley in the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains. This was way back on March 1, 1919, 7 years after Burroughs wrote his first Tarzan story. The small town surrounding Burroughs's ranch was petitioning for a post-office, something they had long needed, but they needed an official name and Tarzana was voted in. By december of 1930 they had their post-office.And through the rest of the 1930's Tarzana was known as the "Heart of Ventura Boulevard". Tarzana grew then only very slightly during the 30's and 40's but with a post-war boom it slowly began to lose it's farms and create small homes and apartment buildings.

Ok, funny story. I live in one of those apartment buildings in Tazana, and I was over in the local library the other day and was surprised to find that the Tarzana library had no books about Tarzan. So I contacted Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc. or something and they took care of it, loading up the library with a complete collection of Tarzan books.

Back to history. Tarzana is one of the oldest communities in the San Fernando Valley (if you've ever heard someone use the term "valley girl", that's it). In 1769 Tarzana was the second community Gaspar de Portola (the first white guy in the valley)passed through. Then some Fransiscan Missionaries turned it into part of their mission land. Tarzana was even built on El Camino Real (it's now Ventura Boulevard).

Nowadays, Tarzana's pretty big. The odd part is, half of it is really nice with a bunch of huge mansions and country clubs, and then the other side is like a ghetto with gangsters and shootings and drug dealers and crap. Too bad I live on the gangster side. I guess it's all part of being in LA.

And yes Deborah909 was right. It is named after Tarzan.

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