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A food themed festival in downtown Buffalo, NY.

Every year since 1984, this festival has gathered local restaurants together, to provide a taste of their cuisine. After attracting about 10,000 people that first year, the Taste of Buffalo has become a major event, attracting over 500,000 visitors in the year 2000.

Each resturant provides three different "taste size" portions of various items, costing between one to six 50-cent tickets. There is quite a variety in the available foodstuffs. I can recall some the items I sampled the last time I was at the festival:

You can also always count on a lot of traditional local fare being served such as: They also serve beer at the Taste of Buffalo. It's fun to stroll along the streets of downtown Buffalo with a beer in your hand, with it being "ok" to do so. Typically, the beer is served in a collectable cup. One can tell how much someone has been drinking by the height of the stack of cups underneath their beer.

In addition to the food and beverages, there are street performers, bands playing, children's shows, and a little of everything else you would find at a typical festival.

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