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Steamed beaver tail

During Lent, beaver as well as river otter are a welcome replacement for meat.
The best part of the beaver is its tail.
The beaver's tail is cleaned and washed, then sliced and marinated in a earthen jar, using good vinegar in which you cooked herbs, spices, laurel and onions.
Keep in the marinade for 6-8 hours. Heat a large pot, add a piece of butter, add diced onions, carrots and celery. Put the slices on top and add some salt. Cover well and steam. After some time has passed, turn the slices and add half a litre of red wine. Add bread crumbs roasted in butter and let it cook until soft.

Remove the slices of beaver tail and let the broth stand until the fat collects on the surface. After removing the fat, sift the sauce using a sieve and add the juice of a lemon. Add the beaver tail and reheat, then serve.

From: Mathilde Ehrhardt, Großes illustriertes Kochbuch, Verlagsdruckerei Merkur, Berlin, 1904

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