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An Asian oddity that originated in Japan in the 80's, perhaps the early 90's, but has since spread to other parts of Asia and America as well. It isn't just women who are into this strange style of "fashion", some men do it as well. To be frank, tea hair is perhaps the most chiggerish thing to ever come along since bell-bottoms and bandanas.

Tea hair is a Japanese reference to hair dyed an icky brown color. Not just the slight highlights that most Asians are satisfied with, it is a complete change of hair color from black to light brown, even lighter than most Caucasians with brown hair. Unnatural? Indeed, for Asians look strange in any hair color except black or dark brown.

It doesn't stop there. The complete tea hair transformation involves the use of either a tanning bed or lots of tanning lotion to change the skin to a dark color, to a shade similar to the Brazilians, or even blacks. At this point, the person does not even look Asian any more, but a living nightmare, a nasty mess of brown, black and orange. Yuck.

Girls, once they acquire the correct coloring and complexion, proceed to put on light colored makeup to contrast against their badly colored faces. The result? An anti-Michael Jackson, a person formerly whitish turned into a very dark person. Very disgusting indeed. Girls who have tea hair often tie their hair into double pigtails and carry dolls around, acting as if they're the cutest things in the world. It makes me want to throw up.

People like this can be observed throughout Asia, mostly in Japan and Southern China, but also in America as well, most likely in the Bay Area and SoCal. Avoid these people at all costs. They are chiggers of the lowest sort. Because tea hair is an expression of a deep anti-Asian sentiment, or in other words, a heavy Caucasian desire. And in my personal experience, Asians who are ashamed of their own heritage are mostly idiots and asses. Take my word for it, I've had to deal with these people before.

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