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We have already seen the procedure load that loads files containing Scheme code. Loading a file consists in evaluating in sequence every Scheme form in the file. The pathname argument given to load is reckoned relative to the current working directory of Scheme, which is normally the directory in which the Scheme executable was called.

Files can load other files, and this is useful in a large program spanning many files. Unfortunately, unless full pathnames are used, the argument file of a load is dependent on Scheme's current directory. Supplying full pathnames is not always convenient, because we would like to move the program files as a unit (preserving their relative pathnames), perhaps to many different machines.

MzScheme provides the load-relative procedure that greatly helps in fixing the files to be loaded. load-relative, like load, takes a pathname argument. When a load-relative call occurs in a file foo.scm, the path of its argument is reckoned from the directory of the calling file foo.scm. In particular, this pathname is reckoned independent of Scheme's current directory, and thus allows convenient multifile program development.

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