TeachforAmerica is a program that allows non teaching certified individuals to teach for a required 2 year period in the same school in both rural and urban areas with severe teacher shortages. They are especially in need of math and science teachers. Depending upon the location of service (currently there are 17 potential locations) and that state’s teacher certification requirements participants have to at least begin taking education courses (how to teach as opposed to the actual subject matter being taught). Some states offer very good programs allowing one to earn a master’s degree while teaching. Others require only a class or 2 - more or less a token effort in the first 2 years of teaching.

The TeachforAmerica program itself offers many programs to bring non-education majors up to speed and support them through their early teaching experience.

TeachforAmerica is currently associated with AmeriCorps and pays the $4,725 education award in addition to the teacher’s salary although there is a caveat on their web page that they can’t promise this will continue but that they are working on continuing the relationship.

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