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An idea that just came to me. Using the combined creative and technical knowledge that is E2 to build a killer robot with which to dominate Battlebots and Robot Wars competitions. A multi-national effort. We could plaster our "Death Borg"with e2 stickers and get some publicity for the site that way. Already in #everything we've come up with some amazing ideas:

An AI driven robot

A robot with a Scorpion (a'la Mortal Kombat) like grapple to pull robots into a wall of whirling blades.

A quick, small bot with a powerful "flipping" arm.

We all seem to agree that the common factor in all champion bots is a powerful engine

Well it's an idea. Now if we could only get BSI to sponsor the construction and development...

Alternatley if one could get slashdot to sponsor a "slashbot"...ok ok , stop groaning, bad pun, I know.. I said , "I know", stop it!

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