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Female Serial Killers:

A woman who systematically murders, or who participates in systematically murdering, in conjunction with at least one other person. Motives are widespread.
Can also mean a person in any of a number of online multiplayer games who deliberately kills the characters of members of his/her own team.

Team killers generally are regarded as one of the worst types of players, only marginally above outright cheaters; they risk being banned from the server and will, at the least, not be respected by their team!

We had a fundraising game every year at my college called Killer. The second round of the game was called "Team Killer".

Killer worked like this: Everybody who signs up gets their name given to a rival, and someone's name given to them. The object is to sneak up anytime and "kill" your target with any non-lethal projectile--bean bags, water guns, pencils--thus scoring a "Kill". IF you kill your target before they kill theirs, you inherit their target. If anybody who's in the game sees you kill somebody, you become one of their targets. The last man standing, after three to five days of utter havoc (you have to imagine Killer being played by a couple hundred people at once to really get the picture--and classes were not off limits!) was the winner.

After the initial Killer winner was found, we went into Team Killer, splitting people up into four or five teams. This time, you weren't "out" if you were killed; you "came back to life" in half an hour. But the team with the most kills won, in the end. Healthy, no?

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