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Theme house at Brown University. The full name is Technology House, but nobody really calls it that. 2 syllables wins over 5.

Techhouse was started in 1995, with the goal of providing a place for students with an interest in technology to collaborate on projects. Though it was originally just a handful of people from CS and engineering, it gradually branched out and attracted geeky (in the most positive sense of the word) students from all sorts of majors. These days, Techhouse has around 30-40 members per year. Many, but not all, members are tech-savvy; it is definitely not a requirement, it just seems to turn out that way. Techhouse is a very friendly place to live.

Some successful projects include restoring vintage arcade games, setting up a Mac Se as VT for the house linux server, the techgrrl mural, puzzle day, and the Techhouse La Bastille Project. Other, course-related projects have taken place in and around the house, like a working hovercraft, lego robots, and various programming projects. Some projects have yet to make it out of the gate, such as the house Tesla coil, the Techhouse mecha, and musical stairs.

The web site contains a more complete list of projects, and more.


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