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A compilation CD from Crink of Spleen Records, featuring an eclectic mix of strange and frequently noisy music from artists including Paper Eyes, Honey, Krishna, Vendor Refill and DJ Rollenbutter, who also happened to be the driving force behind the compilation and the label.

Crink of Spleen Records later morphed into Dieyetribe Records, and DJ Rollenbutter morphed into jm229 (which he'd been all along, actually.. it's a cool trick). But the Imp lives on.

The first track, Black Box, by Vendor Refill consists of a black box recording from an airplane in distress. I happened to have that CD in the player in my father's car at about the same time that it broke (the player). Once he fixed all the connections & such, he tried to use it... and just got indistinct and unmusiclike noise. This caused him to recheck everything but the actual CD for about another hour and eventually get a little peeved when he realized that he'd been the victim of art!

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