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Cartoon Network series, which premiered in 2013.

The second animated series based on the DC Comics line Teen Titans or Titans, features many of the same characters and voice actors who appeared on the original series, but unlike the original, it is purely comedic. It was also inspired by a series of shorts called "New Teen Titans" which were shown during the DC Nation block. It is also the last remaining show on the network that was created for the DC Nation block.

Popular with the younger set, but hated by many fans of the older cartoon for various reasons.

The series follows the Teen Titans: Robin, Cyborg, Starfire, Raven, and Beast Boy as they live together in Titans Tower and...have a bunch of silly stuff happens to them in between saving the world or whatever else they do!

Much like in the original series we never see the Titans out of their costumes or calling each other by their real names. Also, major team members from the comics such as Speedy and Aqualad are more or less reduced to supporting roles. It may a lack a plot or sense, but kids seem to like it!

Many plots seem to revolve around the characters' lack of understanding, food, 80s video games, and sitcoms and whatever crazy thing you can think of.

Due to its nonsensical plotlines and bizarre humor, it has gained scorn from many older animation fans such as Youtube "critics" TheMysteriousMrEnter, Matthew Davis The Movie Lover and their followers, who want the show to be canceled and/or the creators and staff murdered.

Despite this, it is one of CN's highest rated shows. Promos featured the tagline "Your New Favorite Show!" One wonders if they are being sarcastic or just trying to fight back negative publicity. It is going to be on for a very long time.

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