Warning! This is a METANODE! Unabashedly so! Fear it! Run away!

Gather 'round, noders and friends and friendly noders. It's story time.

Today, I'm going to tell you a story about stories. Not just any stories, mind you. Today, I'm going to tell you about special stories. The kind that come extemporaneously at the encouragement of others. Specifically, those stories homegrown in our own fair little catbox, nurtured by the textual shouts of the enthusiastic masses craving entertainment and the calls of "No! It's not over yet!"

You all know them. Well, actually, maybe you don't. From what I've heard, this is a fairly recent development.

Sometimes -and this may come to a shock to some of you- but people in the catbox get bored. Bored and silly and antsy. Whether they come to the catbox because they're antsy and bored and silly, or they get antsy and bored from being in the catbox for too long has yet to be determined.

Sometimes, someone will ask for a story.

Then, in a burst of creativity and showmanship, some few brave noders will take it upon themselves to provide a story, earning them the hearts of thousands. Here is my shot at archiving these awesome stories for the future generations to appreciate. Silliness begets art! NEVER FORGET!

The first officially documented story is located here, by the illustrious and indefatigable Cassparadox, who is helped by the equally illustrious, easily defatiguable, and all around prosetic Etouffee. It was quickly noded and can be found under The girl who hangs the sun. Since then, several more stories have popped up and will hopefully continue to pop up. So here, in what is most probably incorrect chronological order, for your viewing pleasure I present: the stories.

  • An untitled story by the ever-present and always-helpful wertperch, resident godling and tea aficionado. It starts on the very bottom of that page, so just scroll on down. And no, no silly nickname for this one.
  • Here is a story about Bacon the intelligent pig by the stupendously super-duper Tentative.
  • Another story by Cassparadox the Great. An alchemist's apprentice is kidnapped for ransom. But forget him. This is about the two kidnappers.
  • Once again, Cassparadox our resident story making machine has given us this treat, a story about two very odd sisters and a whole lot of adventuresome blood letting.
  • A story by -you guessed it- Cassparadox here. This one- in what is obviously a rare break in character for the writer- is a cute story following Littlest Mouse, who is "a lot of small" as he tries to find the sun.
  • Another -le gasp!- happy one by Cass-I'm running out of monikers-paradox about the daughter of the wind looking for her dad, facing demons, witches, and spoiled girls alike. Has been officially noded as Olibanum's daughter and the West Wind.
  • fairyplain has regaled to us a story of her people here in a story about fairies!
  • Very spaced out story by fairyplain here. Ignore all the other conversation and just follow her name.
  • And here's an ooooold one from our own little engine that could, Jet-Poop that was done way back in 06. It was later adapted and noded as The Blacke Asylum. There you have it folks: a little piece of E2 history brought to light once again.
  • A story by the Mouq-Meister himself on how he destroyed the world.
  • A story by Custo in his first solo appearence to the storytime game, following a market, a merchant, and Strange Happenings (TM).
  • Here is a story by E2's resident badass, Mr. Fuffiekins. It's about a badass little kid and it has explosions in it.
  • A story about hats and kangaroos by the greatest of all non-alcoholic, non-carbonated liquids, water!
  • The Fiffinator translates and/or makes up (I can't tell) a possibly-classic song of love and jihad here.
  • Watch and be amazed as Tem42 slanders me and my spider companions here!

There will be many more to come, and this node'll be updated as they do.

If you know of any catbox stories I missed- no matter the age or content- tell me, and I'll dig 'em up in the archive and post 'em up here if they fit the qualifications. (Being stories in the catbox and actually existing). Once again, I would like to remind you all to WRITE MORE. Do it! The catbox is- what? A few inches to your right? Come on, not that hard, folks.

--------> That way. Right over here. ----->

EDIT! Hey! Thanks to the awesomeness that is Wertperch, we've got a usergroup now! StoryTime! Join us! No requirements, other than existing.

EDIT EDIT: Hey! We have a storytime room now (everyone say thank you, Casspaieadoxons).

SUPER STUPENDOUS EDIT: Okeedokee, with the new bot recording all the stories posted in the Storytime room (everyone say 'thank you, mouq'), it behooves me to post this, a chronological list of the stories posted in the new room. Go forth and peep!

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