Ever wondered how Mars Bars change as they cross the Atlantic? Ever wondered exactly how EXTREMEly you can overclock a 486? Ever sat down and pondered what happens if you CROSS THE MEMES?

Well, probably not. But this group (well, more of a cabal) of British nerds has. Although they stopped updating several years ago, it is still there. The final bastion of Ultima 7 Jackass, the only group to fool BBC, USA Today AND get Slashdotted twice with a potato-powered webserver (fake). They have a Cult Ov Thee Week. Cults are fun! They even have a disbanded Discordian cabal floating around somewhere! They have a campaign to protect Womp Rats, they have the inner-city equivelants of Badger Baiting and Cow Tipping, they even have special christmas cards AND phone cards. You can absolve yourselves of programming sins online. Where else can you play Gothic Guess Who? There is no way you can not check these people out.


Mandatory Extreme Cocoa anecdote - I stuffed up the recipe and added too much water, so it didn't taste Extreme as much as strong. But it did keep me going through an all-night LAN, so it did OK.

These people seem to have stopped updating, so it has become something akin to The Brunching Shuttlecocks (indeed, they have a small ongoing rivalry with them). They deserve a visit. Just don't abuse their honour system.

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