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Templeton is a town in the Central Coast of California of about 4,000 people (where I live). Templeton was founded in about 1886 by the West Coast Land Company, who sent a Mr. R.R. Harris to survey 160 acres slightly south of Paso Robles. It was going to be divided up for a town called "Crocker," named for a financier from San Francisco. However, there was already a town by that name, and so the town became named "Templeton" after the financier's son. Templeton is the only town along El Camino Real named for a person instead of a saint. It was a railroad town back in the day, known for its saloon brawls and wild atmosphere. (Now, there exists only 1 bar in the town that I know of...)

The town directly north of Templeton, Paso Robles, boasts a slogan "Darn Near Paradise," while perhaps some joker (or an unsuspecting soul) posted a sign at one entrance of Templeton that says, "Welcome to Templeton...Paradise"

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