Thou shall be user friendly. Thou shall love thineself, for thou art a rare and noble breed, and worth it. Thou shalt never use thine sex or thine superpowers for ill. Thou shalt not start drama, for it is the bane of all nerd-dom. Thou shall know thine shit, and not rely on thine sex appeal to keep thyself in good standing with the non-mammaried nerds. Thou shall have good fashion sense, if it pleaseth thee, and if not, thou shalt not care, regardless of social convention. Thou shalt not mother thine colleagues, for they are well able to care for themselves. Thou shalt not take shit. Thou shalt not care if a man giveth thee shit, and if a woman giveth thee shit, thou shalt not take it personally, for they know not what they do. Thou shall be generally awesome, and all shall love ye (and despair).

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